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10 Best Gaming Keyboards You Should Consider Buy for PC Gaming

Everything was improvised by gamers desire from gaming keyboards to excellent joysticks to new graphics. That’s why I chose to create a list of Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017.

Among the long listing of essentials, you can’t overlook gaming keyboards. When playing for extended hours, you can’t help but appreciate the extra level of relaxation it creates. Finest and smooth gaming experience guaranteed along with it. Effortless play in prolonged gaming durations is a real prospect.

Until the regular keyboard has been replaced by a gaming keyboard, your gaming set up would remain unimpressive.

The Best Gaming Keyboards 2017

It would be Corsair K70 if I was out there to buy a Gaming Keyboard.

After continuous research and testing it personally, I finally picked this one to be the finest computer keyboard for gamers to get in 2017. I ‘m more than confident that you are excited to know the reasons, that why I had chosen the Corsair K70, as the top gaming keyboard 2017? Right?

Allow me to clear it for you.

  • First of all, I studied for the most trusted gaming keyboard brand, among Facebook gaming groups, Gaming Platoons as well as on newsgroups.
    (Found that Corsair is the #1 Gaming Keyboard Manufacturer).
  • I researched for the Gaming Keyboards with the top rating on Amazon. I found this model (K70), as the very best rated and most bought computer keyboard on Amazon.
  • I ask the Manufacturer to send me a keyboard for a restricted time to review it, and I’ll comprise a “ Buy link back to your merchandise in my article.
  • I found Corsair Keyboards (K70 and Latest K95) recorded at the top on a few of the popular technology blogs out there including TomsGuide.

The Difference between Mechanical vs Membrane Keyword Models

Distinct keyboard versions comprise a different group of characteristics. The sole thing that stays the same is every gaming keyboard would bring lots of options that are improvised.

Both classes in this aspect established computer keyboards and mechanical. Membrane-based keyboards create signals upon touch, together with the help of conductive plastic. Whereas physical switches are used by mechanical based keyboards, which works much better.

Selecting between the two will be a classic example of cost vs. quality scenario.

Low-Quality Keyboards are worth Crap

Gaming Keyboards are intended to make your gaming more enjoyable. Not every gaming consoles are guaranteed to simulation and improved the feel.

Each year just several handfuls of gaming keyboard models get made.

From brands to kind to version, quality of gaming keyboards varies broadly. The extensive range of quality would mean there’s a second group of electronic equipment sitting there at the lower end of the spectrum. Making a purchase of such gaming component would just create more uneasiness.

That’s precisely why we’ve compiled the listing of keyboards that are best for gamers.

How to Choose a Good Gaming Keyboard

1. Corsair K70 RGB

corsair k70 rgb

The forerunners of K70 enjoyed all the taste for their simplicity. The most recent model would be worth more for added features and applications ending that is excellent. Amongst all variables, its design would make an impression straight away.

NOTE: I didn’t get the chance to attempt the most original Corsair K95 RGB, that’s why I didn’t contain it in my top ten list. However, I believe that K95 have lots of potentials as compared to K70.
It has most of it though it doesn’t have all of the features of K60 or K70 MX red. Not a lot of keyboards meet their billing along with the lines of succeeding the collection. What’s more desirable is K70 does more than merely being a successor. It looks fresh with lit LED keys that are total and packs more features. Some extra features and aesthetics found in the design.
A four-way BIOS switch is found on the dorsal side of the keyboard. The very first trick this kind of setup pulls is, reducing the polling speed to 50%. From 1000Hz to 500Hz to even stripping back to primary BIOS manner, every instantaneous transformation is possible.
You’ve got the choice to maintain on and off wrist rest. Gamers understand the significance of an on and off wrist rest. 80-90% of it is made of plastic, which makes sense for gaming in addition to productivity. The keys are matted to make life simple for gamers, who sweat too much.
The cherry MX red switches make K70 feel reactive and light. These switches enable fast paced gaming. Every bit of the 45g actuation force brings to extreme gaming activity. Being rubberized and arch inwards, K70 keys provide that distinctive feel. Their contoured WASD keys deserve a reference in every review.
What We Like (PROS)
  • Amazing Colored Backlighting
  • Sleek and Minimal Layout
  • Great Build Quality
  • Wrist Rest Included
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • Complicated Software
  • Expensive Keyboard

Our Final Verdict

K70 successfully achieves adding feel good factor, which is usually dismissed by makers. K70 doesn’t boast a ground-breaking layout.

The design is something, where the brand has made incredible improvements to address the shortcoming of forerunners. This keyboard ensures all-round fulfillment from being a mechanized device that is 100%, beginning.

2. Coolermaster Storm Quickfire TK – Clean and Minimal

Coolermaster has packed mouse and gaming keyboard together for mutually benefiting upsells. The plan is anticipated to be basic at first look.

You have alternatives to choose both in addition to partial illumination. Polling speed can be lower than 1ms. Three switch modes are available – Cherry MX Blue, Brown and Red.

The model has a compact dimension of 14.9×5.4×1.3 inches. Six feet cable comes along with the apparatus to provide that extra touch of movability.

What We Like (PROS)
  • Windows lock eliminates the case of accidentally exiting a game.
  • The compact dimensions make it a handy keyboard on the desk.
  • Cherry MX keys take it to a different league.
  • The numerical pad is a useful inclusion to the solid board.
  • Three backlight modes along with five brightness levels make it feel pleasant in the eye.
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • Numerical keypad takes a while to get used to.
  • The absence of macro keys presents a hard challenge.

Final Verdict

FPS gamers will be delighted with this one. Its compactness goes hand in hand with robustness, which will prove too great for gaming.

The keyboard boasts an intelligent system effective at reducing its size without losing keys. Controllable miniature and programmable mouse make the product resistless. You might be made to order a wrist rest, but that shouldn’t come as a significant drawback.

3. Razer BlackWidow Chroma – Top Sold Keyboard

razer blackwidow chroma

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma is the Top Gaming keyboard 2017 according to our views and managed to take the 3rd place in our article.

This keyboard isn’t that much amazing as it pertains to built quality but every version has some defects. At precisely the same time, it has plenty of attributes which make it an astonishing product and workable option.

The most exciting attributes in this keyboard are that you can customize the color blend to your taste. The computer keyboard has USB pass through macro keys and sound pass through. Its kinda expensive as compared to others but with low built quality. It is preferred to all those gamers who value style with gaming.

What We Like (PROS)
  • Keys that are Programmable and comfy
  • Simple to use and Powerful Customization Software
  • Colorful Illumination
  • Simple and Comfortable Typing Experience
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • Build Quality isn’t that much great (Shame it’s all plastic)
  • Less Key Travel
  • Expensive as compared to other models in our Lineup


Last words on Razer Blackwidow Chroma

Without a doubt that Razer Chroma is just one of the best Gaming keyboard out there.

Macro keys are accessible. Programmable and comfy keys are there. The software is simple as compared to its competition Corsair K70 RGB. In addition, it has USB and Audio Pass-through.

What a pity! This keyboard is really high-priced and comes with a plastic body.

4. Tesoro Excalibur G7NL – Standard yet Strong


Tesore Excalibur G7NL

Layout or appearance isn’t Excalibur’s powerful package. You don’t get sleek finishes and brassy designs with this one. Its layout could be described as standard at best. The reason why this happens to be among the Best Gaming Computer Keyboards 2017 list, after reading this review, you’d understand.

Firstly, G7nl doesn’t have missed keys, thanks to N-Key rollover. Three switches are accessible- Red, Blue, and Brown. Its gaming grade keys that are mechanized account for 60 million key actuation. Rubberized bottom acting as anti-slip measure helps extreme gaming experience. It packages 512kB onboard macros memory.
Three switches help a great deal in productivity and gaming. Three LED patterns prove valid for all forms of tasks.

It’s fairly easy to change immediately between the modes too.

If you are a busybody who loves to multitask, you can’t thank this attribute enough.

G7nl is simply winning marginally, should you rate on gaming experience alone. The switches hold outstanding for intense tapping rate during gameplay. Gaming modes and macros keys do what is described.

Few Hiccups in Layout

Correcting G7nl on the desk can be very difficult. For instance, when you move the keyboard forward or backward, they fold back undesirably. This adjustment problem could mean a distraction of few crucial minutes in gaming.
What We Like (PROS)
  • Macros Supported
  • Backlit Illuminated
  • Built Quality is Great
  • Minimalist and Standard Layout
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • Build Quality isn’t that great
  • USB Pass-through interfaces are missing

Closing Verdict

Tesoro Excalibur has the standard, but a neatly constructed mechanical keyboard. It adds quite a few handy features such as backlighting, game mode, media keys and macros to a familiar layout. With no doubt, you need to make a purchase if you found it at a fair price.

5. CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i – Minimalistic Design

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i

Individual backlighting would most likely be the first feature you’d find. Added macros alternatives are good, also it feels intimidating even to the clumpy gamer. They have made it possible with the help of regular computer keyboard design.

The plan feels familiar with traditional ten buttons numeric pad. You got neat color alternatives in Red, Cherry MX, Brown, Blue and more.

This layout helps Quickfire to be one of the top keyboard obtainable in the industry though being minimalistic.

CM Storm has tried to open up to plenty of choices in this computer keyboard. However, this keyboard limited across parameters is made by low profile configuration. For example, you are allowed to utilize five-set layouts just.

This would mean the individual backlighting attribute has gone missing. As relief, you can individually color arrow keys and WASD keys. Additionally, you can configure each and every button. Such presets can be saved as profiles for future use.

The first powerful element is it doesn’t require any software side attempts to save profiles. The 32 bit onboard ARM processor takes care of that.

It makes the computer keyboard readily portable across notebooks and computers. CM has a reputation for building strong layouts, and such toughness makes your investment worthy.

What We Like (PROS)
  • Efficient Design
  • Smooth Typing
  • No Software Required
  • Multiple Lighting Modes
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • Numeric Pad lost
  • No Macro Keys
  • Backlight Color Options missing

Closing Verdict

The CM Storm Quickfire Accelerated-i is powerful and smaller mechanical gaming keyboard with lots of interesting features. Most important thing is the fact that you don’t demand any additional software to use the computer keyboard like other gaming keyboards in our list.

Well, there are no macro keys and numeric pad is also lost and that’s the only reason that this keyboard is smaller and travel-friendly.

6. Logitech G910 Orion Spark

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

Mechanized keys plus customized macros are what makes Orion Spark exclusive. You can tweak each technicality from lighting to features that are programmable. This really is the only Logitech’s device to be ranked in our Finest Keyboards for gamers list.

From full layout to mechanical switches to programmable macros, you have it all.

The computer keyboard only has an individual USB port rather than a USB pass-through.

In G910, it also acts as the extensive customization package, which helps to adjust lighting, shade, and pattern. In addition, it generates on how each and every key is frequented analytic.

The provided program can function in the exact same time for your computer keyboard together with an added Logitech mouse.

Well its design and wrought keycaps favor gaming more, rather than typing. Touch typists might not appreciate the difference between keycaps on both sides of the board.

They are typically used as the alternative direction keys.

What We Like (PROS)
  • Exceptional Keycap Layout plays an essential Part in Gaming
  • Macros Keys are available
  • Excellent Software Support (Offers Customization, Lighting Controls, and Stats Tracking)
  • Wrist Rest
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • No Key Pat Sound
  • High-Priced
  • Asymmetrical keys are not great for Non-Gamer User.

Final Words

Hardcore gamers can’t be impressed with the degree of customization on offer. It’s an asymmetrical computer keyboard, therefore it doesn’t serve well outside gaming. Light controls and applications side customizations make it a stick out version from the pack. Swappable wrist rest is a bonus to its ergonomic quotient that is already enriched.

7. SteelSeries Apex M800 – Best ergonomic keyboard 2017

Steelseries Apex M800

Steelseries makes a lot of customization available to gamers. Together with the aesthetics, it serves well through technology that is serious. Some might call it ultimate alternative amongst the best gaming keyboards 2017 though it’s too early to say it.

Ergonomic design isn’t the first factor that compels you to purchase this version. The illumination is, in reality, its best attribute. It offers a plethora of illumination blend through 16.8 million possible colors. You’re free to define your custom lighting scheme. For example, make a few keys few and red green in sync with advancement in the match. You can turn off illumination for all keys except one.

Your imagination is the limit to the number of permutations potential.

The thing you need to know about firstly is the keyboard’s double chip. The chip operates just to register key presses, with its prime focus on averting ghosting problems. Registering 256 keys is really a prospect.
SteelSeries along with top specialists in switch technology made ends conjugate through the switch that was QS1. A quarter of cent percentage extra actuation and easy linear actions are made possible with the QS1 switch.
What We Like (PROS)
  • USB Pass-through
  • User-Friendly Software
  • Exquisite Backlighting
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • Lousy Built Quality (All Plastic)
  • Really expensive
  • Large in Size compared to others
  • Not a great alternative for Non-Gamer (Worst Typing Encounter)

Closing Verdict

The power station effect it creates helps match strong pcs and heavy gaming. The quick feedback saves your day each time you require it. Custom lit keys require customization quotient to whole new level.

8. Razer DeathStalker Ultimate – For Gamers Only

Razer Deathstalker Ultimate

An LCD panel replacing standard number pad is the highlight of Razer Deathstalker Ultimate. The largest complaint is it’s costly. Therefore, the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate is a serious challenger for this list.

This keyboard is just for gamers. It really does stink as it pertains to typing or doing any other occupation.

There are tons of game specific functions on offer through Razer Synapse.

Profiles help delegate game specific commands from your computer keyboard. Using a course panel of damage, health, weapons is really a prospect. However, it’s restricted to only a few of games at this time.

The FOUR inch LCD makes the track panel appear crystal clear.

However, hobbyist gamers would have trouble keeping up with computer keyboard analytics, whereas onscreen indicators would be the default alternative by instincts.

Definitely SwitchBlade, DeathStalker’s user interface is the standout feature in this computer keyboard.

The keys are set to do regular tasks like logging into Twitter, found a calculator etc. Nevertheless, you can do a lot more with Synapse management applications.

What We Like (PROS)

Switchblade (Touch screen panel)
Adjustable Multicolor Backlight
Great Build Quality
Stylish Layout

What We Didn't (CONS)

Just for Gamers (A huge No for others)
Worst Typing Experience
Ordinary Keys
Very expensive (The most expensive keyboard in our list)


Wrapping it up

An elegant LCD touchscreen and ten programming LED keys sums up the awesomeness of Razer DeathStalker Ultimate. But the SwitchBlade interface appears to disappoint gamers in practicality aspect.Logging into social networking accounts in a single click shouldn’t give an enormous edge also.

9. Mad Catz STRIKE TE – Sturdy Designed Keyboard

Mad Catz Strike TE

This is actually the first Mad Catz computer keyboard to feature mechanized keys. Flawless keystrokes and faster make it a favorable change.

Mad Catz buffs love the brand for sturdy building on all items of its own catalog. This keyboard feels strong when you pick it up. Without revealing signals of scratches or rip, it can take some mistreatment up.
It’s in typing capacity also a decent gaming keyboard which doesn’t lag.

It might produce a small postponement in typing tasks, but it reduces error percent by 25% at exactly the same time. A strong gaming keyboard in typing prowess, showing not behind doesn’t occur frequently.

You can purchase it for versatile use.

What We Like (PROS)

Versatile Computer Keyboard
Programable Macros Keys
Good Built Quality

What We Didn't (CONS)

Crowded Macro Keys
Small Customization Applications

Closing Verdict

On the back of customization program that is sophisticated, this mechanical computer keyboard is certainly the 9th best on our list.Its durability makes up for it although the software side of the product feels limited. It’s a keyboard that is durable adaptable to every job you’ll be able to think of. It can cope with gaming and typing, hand in hand.

Great backlighting and Kailh Brown switches make it a different product in this group.

10. ROCCAT RYOS MK Pro – Best Budget Gaming Keyboard

Roccat Ryos MK PRO

It falls into the class that is affordable, without too much of a design that is unique. The keyboard is designed to be the very best budget gaming keyboard in the industry.

Roccat Ryos MK Pro is the first mechanized computer keyboard coming to Roccat, from the reputed brand. Access to four key switch modes makes it a compelling buy. Independently keys that are backlit strengthen the appearance completely.

Too many programmable options are present in this model. Built in audio and USB connections adds more value to an already excelling version.

Blue is your only option for the backlight. Wrist rest is bulky, making support feels difficult. Wrist rest is unable to be removed to make things worse.
The best part about its layout is the keyboard would feel too convenient for professional along with recreational gamers. The allowed limit for programmable keys is vast, thus making customizations available for lightning quick gameplay.
The most effective characteristic to look for is the dozens of macro choices. By default, you’ve got eight micro keys to begin with. In gameplay, the computer keyboard functions smoothly. The mechanical substitutions are highly responsive and quick.
What We Like (PROS)

USB and sound Pass-through
Plenty of Programmable Options
Individually backlit keys

What We Didn't (CONS)

Wrist rest is repaired, can’t be removed.

Final Words on this version

This really is the first mechanical keyboard from Roccat. Without any doubt, this version carries too many attributes to work with.The shortcomings and limitations are very few.

Without too many flaws, this keyboard easily ranks at top 10 Greatest Gaming Keyboards 2017.

Parameters I valued while creating our Top ten Gaming Keyboards List

We’ve compiled the list, requiring experiences reviews and confidence in brand into account.
Sure reviews are available in plenty in this social media era.
New entrances are attentively observed by reputed technology magazines and review them comprehensively like PCMag and CNET.
User experience should always be your firsthand tips you should look up to, before buying any merchandise. Some brands simply don’t fail to duplicate creating products that are amazing time and again like Apple.

11. Razer Orbweaver Gaming Keypad – Worth of Mention

Razer Orbweaver Gaming

This really is not a computer keyboard but worth a mention here in this top 10 gaming keyboards article. The apparatus is known as gaming keypad, and that should tell the difference.

This is your mouse, computer keyboard, and joystick, all rolled in one.

Keypads take it to another amount with one hand gaming activity. One hand gaming translates to super fast and convenient gaming. There aren’t any limitations that are actual when you get used to keypads.

As a gamer, you can appreciate the various feel related to gaming keypad instead of a keyboard.

Orbweaver showcases 30 completely programmable keys available for hotkeys, macros, etc…

An eight directional thumbpad that’s a double function in being modifiable key makes it so versatile. You can scarcely locate backlighting better than this elsewhere. The mechanical switches would mean outstanding feedback, actuation as well as a vast array of reset points.

Measurements equate to 2.2 x 6.1 x 8.0 inches plus a 72 inch long USB cable.

It takes a lot less space on the desk than keyboards and other keypads. Higher palm rest in Orbweaver offers support that is better for gamers. You can make a million alterations to three primary parts – keypad encompassing two piece wrist rest 20 programmable buttons, and thumb module.

The physical calibration is supposed to palm and cradle wrist in a comfortable posture.

Even in significant computer keyboard related games, controls were intuitive and smooth. The lack of differentiation of WASD keys might present a challenge to computer keyboard users. Actuation force in thumbnail buttons is just perfect with accidental clicks averted.

Since the thumb module might be repositioned totally, joystick feels to be positioned well.

Wrapping it up

You’re likely making an irreversible change when you switch to Razer Orbweaver. Controls must feel convenient than the conventional keyboard when you are used to it. This should worth every cent spent, if you like it at first appearance.


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