10 Best HDMI Splitter You Should Consider for Your TV

Is HDMI splitter your primary source to splitting your TV’s signal?

In a perfect world, you’d be able to the quality signal on your TV, via the quality HDMI technology, without spending a lot on a high-end HDMI device.

If you disconnect the television screen that has a resolution of 720p, you will see that the video will now be playing in 1080p.

So, looks like you know all you need to know about HDMI technology and HDMI splitters! Now let’s look at the reviews of the top 10 HDMI splitters, so you can find the one that will be perfect for you. Keep in mind that the following list isn’t arranged by rank, as different HDMI splitters will fulfill different needs. All the HDMI splitters mentioned are of high quality, though!

The Best HDMI Splitter/Switch in 2017

Most splitters have simply one HDMI input to connect a content resource, though more advanced models with numerous inputs are additionally readily available.

Since sharing HD web content on multiple displays is no easy task, HDMI splitters have their very own power source. A lot of offerings have an Air Conditioner adapter, though some can also be powered through a USB cable television (typically attached to a modern-day TV set).

Hoverboard Name Max Resolution HDCP Version 3D Support
Goronya 4 Port HDMI 4K 1.4 Yes
Cable Matter HDMI 4K Complaint Yes
J-Tech Digital HDMI(Editor's Choice) 4K 1.4 Yes
Aocome 4k HDMI 4K 1.4 Yes
Farsail HDMI 4K Complaint Yes
Startech.com HDMI 4K Complaint Yes
Orei HD-102 HDMI 1080p 1.3 Yes
Orei HD-108 HDMI(Editor's Choice) 1080p 1.3 Yes
Aukey 4-in-1 HDMI 4K 1.4 Yes
CSRET Ultra HD HDMI (Editor's Choice) 4K 1.4 Yes

While HDMI splitters can not switch over input sources by default (an HDMI button is required for this), there are premium alternatives that provide the possibility by incorporating both devices (slide 3). Also, understand that when sharing signals in between monitors with various resolutions, an HDMI splitter will automatically outcome signal that matches the quality of the screen with lower resolution.

1. Goronya 4-Port HDMI Splitter – Reliable Splitter on a Budget

Goronya hdmi reviewThis HDMI splitter has four output ports, meaning that a video from one device can be broadcasted to 4 screens at the same time using this splitter. It is entirely capable of supporting 4K and 3D video content and high-quality audio content. There is absolutely no quality loss experienced when using this HDMI splitter, making it a customer favorite. There are LED lights to indicate when each port is in use. Plus, this HDMI splitter has its own power supply of 5V. It comes with an 18-month limited warranty.

Customer reviews all indicate that this HDMI splitter is a highly good one of extremely high quality. It can broadcast audio and video with no loss of quality on three screens, each over 50 feet away from the next, it is easy to set up and use, and most of all, it’s a relatively inexpensive choice!

What We Like (PROS)
  • 4 HDMI inputs, which is typically enough for the average user
  • Auto switch when a device is turned on
  • Option of using remote, or manual switch on device
  • Clear picture – nothing seems to be lost by going through the switch
  • Easy to set up – you probably don’t even need the instructions
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • Some users may want more than 4 HDMI ports, especially if you have a lot of devices.

2. Cable Matters 4-Port HDMI Splitter – Professional HDMI Splitter

cable matters hdmi reviewThis HDMI splitter also has four ports, meaning that a video from one device can be broadcasted to 4 screens at the same time using this splitter. It supports 4K and 3D content with resolutions up to UHD 3840 x 2160 at 30 Hz. For audio content, many formats including Dolby Digital, DTS, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound are supported.

This HDMI Splitter has it’s own power supply (it is AC powered). It also comes with 2 HDMI high-speed cables for free, and a one year warranty.

Customer reviews all indicate that this HDMI splitter works exactly as advertised. It is also very easy to set up and install, and can transmit clear audio and video with no quality loss from over 50 feet away.

What We Like (PROS)
  • Small
  • Inexpensive
  • Splits signal to 4 HD TVS without noticeable signal loss.
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • I wish it had a remote control or automatic switching.

3. J-Tech Digital JTD-PRO 4×8 HDMI Splitter – Powerful HDMI Splitter Device

j-tech digital hdmi reviewThis HDMI splitter is on the expensive side, but it has four inputs and eight outputs. This means that you can connect up to 4 different devices to show on up to 8 different screens. It comes with a remote to switch between input devices. Alternatively, you can use the button on the device to switch between input devices.

This HDMI splitter supports 3D and 4K content. However, all screens connected to the output must be able to support 3D for 3D content to play. This splitter is compatible with HDCP 1.4 protocol. It can also support HDMI cables of up to 66 feet.

Customer reviews indicate that this product cannot be used as a substitute for an HDMI matrix as only one input can be running at any given time. The reviews also have mixed feelings – some customers love it but some clients don’t. The clients who like it mention that this HDMI splitter works well even after ten months of heavy use, plus, the audio and video quality is excellent. The customers who have issues with it mention that either the product wasn’t working when it was delivered, or the output ports burned up in a few weeks’ time.

What We Like (PROS)
  • Excellent Quality
  • Warranty Available
  • Cheap
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • Very Fragile

4. Aocome 1×2 4K HDMI Splitter

aocome hdmi reviewThis HDMI splitter is probably the most affordable splitter that can support 4K resolution. It only has two outputs, so it is not meant for those who need to broadcast audio and video on a large scale. Regardless, audio and video can be transmitted with absolutely no loss in quality.

This HDMI splitter can support audio and video transmission from 50 feet away. It is also shock resistant and comes with a one year warranty.

Customer reviews indicate that it is a great HDMI splitter and can sync the two output screens with zero lag or quality loss. The signal on it is great too. Plus, it performs at the same level of efficiency over a prolonged period.

What We Like (PROS)
  • Great Signal
  • Seamless Connection
  • High Level of Efficiency
What We Didn't (CONS)
  • Not to many Outputs

5. FarSail FS0102B HDMI Splitter

Farsail hdmi reviewAlso a more affordable alternative, the FarSail HDMI Splitter supports the 4K resolution and has two outputs. It has LED lights to indicate when the HDMI splitter is turned on, and when a screen is plugged into each of the output ports. Furthermore, they can amplify HDMI signals over long distances (up to 50 feet).

If you are looking for HDMI Splitters with more outputs, FarSail does have other models too.

Customer reviews indicate that it is a great HDMI splitter and works perfectly well even after prolonged use. There is absolutely no lag or quality loss no matter the amount of distance it needs to transmit high-quality video and audio over.

What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

6. StarTech.com ST122HD4KU HDMI Splitter

Startech hdmi reviewThis HDMI splitter comes with its own HDMI source cable that you can plug straight into your input device (i.e.,. your PlayStation, your laptop, etc.). This modification accounts for its slightly higher price. It only has two output ports, which means that it can only broadcast audio and video from one device to two screens. This makes it unsuitable for large-scale use, but perfect for home use.

This splitter has its power adaptor, but it can also be equipped with a USB connected to an external power source, such as a television set. Furthermore, it is compatible with 4K and 3D resolution.

Customer reviews indicate that this product can last for a prolonged period, even if used very frequently. This HDMI splitter is clearly a customer favorite, with only extremely positive reviews being left.

What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

7. Orei HD-102 HDMI Splitter –

Orei HD-102 hdmi reviewThis HDMI splitter can offer support up to 1080p and 3D resolution for videos. It also supports all audio formats and is compatible with all versions of HDCP. It has two output ports, which means that it can broadcast audio and video from one device to only two screens.

The casing for this product is metal instead of plastic. The metal acts as an excellent conductor of heat and cools the HDMI splitter down quickly. This reduces the chances of it overheating and burning out. It also has LED lights to indicate which output ports are in use.

Customer reviews show that this HDMI splitter works great. Possibly due to the metal casing’s cooling abilities, it lasts much longer than most other HDMI splitters and can transmit signals over 50 feet. Overall, it seems like a great product.

What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

8. Orei HD-108 8-port HDMI Splitter

Orei HD-108 hdmi reviewThis HDMI Splitter is essentially the same as the previous one, except this can accommodate up to 8 output screens. This means that if one input device is connected, the audio and video played on it can be broadcasted across 8 output screens. It thus is best utilized in corporate settings.

Each output port has a LED light to indicate when it is being used. A unique feature about these lights is that it doesn’t just tell you when a device is plugged in, it also tells you when the device is turned off. For example, if you plugged your television into output port #1, the LED light would light up. If you left your TV plugged in, but turned it off, the LED light would also turn off as the output device is no longer in use.

Similar to the previous Orei HDMI Splitter, this splitter also has a metal casing that serves to cool it down faster and prevents overheating. It can also support resolutions up to the 1080p and 3D video.

Customer reviews indicate that this product is great and works perfectly fine even when connected to 8 output devices. It has all the features of the Orei HD-102 HDMI Splitter, with the bonus of 6 extra output ports.

What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

9. Aukey 1-in to 4-out HDMI Splitter

Aukey hdmi reviewThis HDMI Splitter is designed for mostly home use, although it can be used in corporate settings too. It’s small and compact, with 4 output ports. This means that if you were to connect one input device, it’s audio and video could be broadcasted across a maximum of 4 output screens. It can support 1080p and 4K and 3D for video, and all of the standard audio formats.

The only downside to this HDMI Splitter is that all the active outputs need to support the same audio format. To illustrate this, let’s say 3 of your 4 output screens support 7.1 DTS audio. However, the last output screen does not. All your outputs will begin playing in 2.1 DTS. If you find yourself in this situation, turning the last output screen’s audio off, and the other output displays will start playing with 7.1 DTS audio.

The output ports are strategically arranged, with one beside the input port on the front of the HDMI splitter, and the other three on the back. This makes it easy to connect both an input and output source. For example, you can connect your laptop to the front input port and your television screen to the back output port. No more reaching around and blindly feeling for the port opening!

Customer reviews indicate that this HDMI splitter is easy to install and operate, and it works just as advertised. It’s the biggest advantage is its portability.

What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

10. CSRET Ultra HD HDMI Splitter

CSRET hdmi reviewThis HDMI splitter is relatively new and has an attractive design – black coloring with lime green highlights. It has two output ports, meaning that if you were to connect one input device, your audio and video would be broadcasted across two output screens. This makes it ideal for home use instead of corporate use. The casing is made out of aluminum, so it has better cooling abilities than HDMI splitters made of out plastic and a lower chance of overheating and burning out.

Each output port has a LED light to signal when it is in use. This means that even if a device is plugged in if it is not turned on, the LED light will not be on. The output device must be turned on for the LED light to register it. It also supports 4K and 30 and 36-bit deep color resolution. Furthermore, this HDMI splitter guarantees there will be no delay, buffering or quality loss through transmission.

Customer reviews indicate that this HDMI splitter transmits brilliant and vivid video and audio of high quality. Furthermore, the configuration is not required for this splitter, making set up and installation incredibly simple.

What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

HDMI Splitter Buyer’s Guide

What is an HDMI splitter?

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It allows you to broadcast audio and video files from one device to another. Most laptops are fitted with HDMI outputs and televisions with HDMI inputs so you can connect your laptop to your TV via an HDMI cable, and broadcast whatever’s on your laptop on your big-screen televisions instead. DVD players and gaming consoles have HDMI outputs too.

So what’s an HDMI splitter? Well let’s say you have multiple screens, and you want a particular video to be shown on all those screens. You would then utilize an HDMI splitter. It will take the output from one device (a laptop, for example), and broadcast it on multiple screens at the same time. It does this by cloning the original HDMI cable’s signal to several other HDMI cables.

Most HDMI splitters have 3-4 outputs, meaning they can broadcast audio and video from one input device to 3-4 output screens. However, some HDMI splitters have up to 16 outputs, meaning they can transmit audio and video from one input device to 16 output screens!

How do you use an HDMI splitter?

Let’s say you want to play a video on both a TV and a PC monitor at the same time. All you have to do is:

  • Connect an HDMI cable to your laptop’s HDMI output port.
  • Plug the other end of the cable to the input port of the HDMI splitter.
  • Insert the HDMI cable to the television’s HDMI input port.
  • Do the same to the other end of the cable to the output port of the HDMI splitter.
  • Do the same with the PC monitor; plug in an HDMI cable to its input port, and connect the other end of the cable to the output port of the HDMI splitter.

Why would you need an HDMI splitter?

Since an HDMI splitter can broadcast the same audio and video on multiple screens, they are ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, schools, home theaters, and other such establishments. They are also popular among gamers.

For example, let’s say a hotel is playing their welcome video. Instead of being restricted to only showing it on one screen throughout the entire hotel, or having to control multiple screens separately, they can use an HDMI splitter and broadcast the video on several screens throughout the hotel. Plus, only one device will need to be controlled, and all the videos will be in sync.

What is the difference between an HDMI splitter and an HDMI switch?

An HDMI switch is the complete opposite of an HDMI splitter. While a splitter broadcasts one message on multiple screens, a switch broadcasts several messages on one screen. Not at the same time, of course, you can manually switch between devices on the screen.

An HDMI switch allows you to connect multiple devices to one screen. For example, you could plug in a laptop and a gaming console to a television. Then, without unplugging any of the devices, you can switch between which device will be shown on the screen.

What is the difference between an HDMI splitter and an HDMI matrix?

An HDMI matrix is a combination of an HDMI splitter and an HDMI switch. It can broadcast one message from one device onto multiple screens, but it can also have multiple devices connected to it, and these devices can be switched to manually.

An HDMI matrix will be useful when you need to connect multiple devices to multiple screens. For example, if you need to plug in a DVD player, a PlayStation and a laptop to both a PC monitor and television, you will find an HDMI matrix a godsend.

Can HDMI splitters broadcast audio and video with excellent quality? What is the quality loss?

Absolutely! All HDMI splitters support video resolutions of up to 1080p. There are also some that support video resolutions up to 2160p. These are slightly more expensive but well worth the extra expense for the high quality. Plus, HDMI splitters can last many years if stored in the proper conditions.

All HDMI splitters can support up to 8 uncompressed audio channels; this equates to a 7.1 surround sound system level of quality.

There is absolutely no quality loss when you use HDMI splitters unless you use damaged ones or brands of poor quality.

Can HDMI splitters broadcast audio and video at the same time, or can they only broadcast video?

Most HDMI splitters can transmit audio and video at the same time, with no lag or quality loss. However, there are HDMI splitters that transmit audio separately through a different audio output.

What is HDCP?

HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It’s built into all HDMI technology to prevent audio and videos from being pirated or illegally copied. This may sound like some high-tech, futuristic technology, but it’s very simple.

For example, let’s say you connected your DVD player to your television with an HDMI cable or splitter. Your DVD player will then send a “message” over to your television, saying something like, “Hey, I have this video that’s HDCP licensed. Are you also licensed so you can play it?”

If your television is permitted, the video will play. However, if your television isn’t licensed, you’ll see a blank screen, or you’ll get an error message. So be sure to check the HDCP compatibility between your television or other screens, and any devices you plan on connecting to it via HDMI. Also, make sure you buy an HDMI splitter with a compatible version HDCP to your television or screens and the devices you plan on connecting.

Take note that the current version of HDCP, which is HDCP 2.2, is not compatible with any previous versions. Also, the version of HDCP that each HDMI splitter uses is not easy to identify accurately, as sometimes the specification is different from the chip that is actually in the splitter. So, opt for an HDMI splitter that has a good return policy, so you can always return it if it isn’t compatible.

Can HDMI splitters carry 4K and 3D content?

Most definitely! Most HDMI splitters are fully equipped to transmit 4K and 3D videos from a device to a screen. Plus, there is no quality loss on the videos.

Can HDMI splitters be used over long distances?

HDMI cables can transmit audio and video over a distance of 1000m with no quality loss. So, HDMI splitters can be used over long distances.

Do HDMI splitters require to be plugged into a power source?

Most HDMI splitters come equipped with their power supply. Some come with an AC adaptor, and some can be powered via a USB cable connected to another device, such as a television.

If multiple screens of different resolutions are connected to one HDMI splitter, what resolution will I see on each display?

In this scenario, the video will default to the lowest resolution available. For example, if you have connected four television screens to one HDMI splitter where 3 of those screens have a resolution of 1080p and 1 has a resolution of 720p, your video will automatically play in 720p on all the television screens.

Finally – Wrapping it up

Congratulations! You have now learned what HDMI itself is, what an HDMI splitter does, why you would need such a device, what the different specifications mean, and how to identify which HDMI splitter would be the best choice for you.

All the HDMI splitters above are available on Amazon, making the processing of purchasing them incredibly simple. Plus, most of these HDMI splitters are less than $50. Thus they are very affordable. When making this list, we ensured to take into account the HDMI splitter’s specifications, its design, and reviews of previous customers who have bought the same HDMI splitter to ensure we could create a complete list of 10 HDMI splitters that are truly the best. Do go through the description of each and every one thoroughly before making your decision, as different HDMI splitters fulfill different needs.


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