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10 Best Self-Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards to Consider in 2017

There has been a widespread of self-balancing scooters or hoverboards all over the place, and a lot of people are starting to complain about the short-circuited batteries. At first, it never seemed like it would be an issue but then it became common that the new model of hoverboards does have does a problem.

Between Late 2016 and early 2017, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission of United States) announced that all hoverboard should recall because of the defects.

Over five hundred thousand hoverboard units recalled, and they are expected to be fixed and sent back. This recall affected eight major manufacturers, and their combined number of 15 different model of self-balancing scooters were affected. The cost of property damage that occurred ended up reaching over $2 Million dollars which didn’t seem like a big deal.

The Best Self-Balancing Scooters/Hoverboards in 2017

The Hoverboards which is now available on the market come with a manual that indicated they are safe and can use without experiencing any issues.

If you want to know which self-balancing scooter is best, then you need to look at what your budget, if you can find an affordable price of self-balancing scooter under $100, $300, $1000 and above $1000.

For an average user or customer, finding the best electric hoverboards that are in the market can be quite difficult because when you consider how famous and popular hoverboards have become since its introduction. As a matter of fact on this issue, the best electric hoverboards that currently available in the market is what we are going to talk about since different companies now manufacture these hoverboards, and they produce various models to keep the customers happy and satisfied.

Self-Balancing Scooters or Hoverboards Video Review

So, without further ado, Let’s take a look at all the fantastic self-balancing scooters 2017.

Hoverboard Name Max Speed Battery Life Bluetooth
Swagtron T1 (Editor's Choice) 8.5 mph 3 Hours No
Segway MiniPRO 10 mph 3 Hours Yes
PowerBoard Self-Balancing Scooter 6.5 mph 4 Hours No
Street Saw Hoverboard 11 mph 5 Hours Optional
SwagTron T3 8.5 mph 3 Hours Yes
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 8 mph 2 Hours No
EPIKGO SPORT Balance Board 10 mph 3 Hours Yes
Hoverzon S 8 mph 4 Hours No
Skque Electric Hoverboards 6.2 mph 3.5 Hours Optional
Jetson Rover V8 (Best New Hoverboard) 8 mph 3 Hours Yes

Just as you have read that choosing the right hoverboard would be a difficult task because of the wide variety of options available in the market as well as the controversy surrounding these hoverboards, but also you be rest assure that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the hoverboards that are currently in the market. If you are still having some doubts, make sure you go through these entire lists, and in addition to that, check out the definition and pretty much everything about the UL2722 certification you can find.

Needless to say, you won’t be having second thoughts anymore.

1. SwagTron T1 – Best Hoverboard to Buy in 2017

Swagtron T1 ReviewThe very first self-balancing scooter we’re going to look at now is the Swagtron T1, and for people who don’t understand, have lots of different versions under their belt, and Swagtron occurs to be among the top brands in the hoverboard company.

The T1 may be regarded as a high end version as it does feature a number of the most effective things that you’ll need in hoverboard.

This really is a UL2272 hoverboard that is accredited, and the UL2272 certification means it is completely safe from any battery problems that resulted in the fire controversy that occurred back in China when the hoverboard became accessible, in the event you didn’t understand.

To get this certification, every hoverboard of every hoverboard or this version is put under some tests to find out the security.

There are several tests performed on a hoverboard to make sure everything is in the right place. Before we begin, you can read some of the advantages below:

  • Comes with UL 2272 certification ensuring maximum satisfaction and security.
  • Offers a top speed of 8+ mph that ranges to 12+ miles
  • Comes equipped with a 300-watt dual electric scooter motor.
  • The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 2-3 hours on a single full charge.
  • Comes equipped with LED headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers, and a lightweight body.
  • Swagtron T1 comes with a patented SentryShield battery technology, and also comes with a smart battery management system that monitors and protects the battery.
What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

General, talking from a personal perspective, the Swagtron T1 happens to be among the astonishing, and very comfy hoverboards you can now purchase.

It’s true that you get the T3 version and can spend a bit more, but not or whether you want the extra bling like a handle Bluetooth loudspeakers, and some added visual changes, the conclusion is up to you personally.

As for the Swagtron T1, it’s an able hoverboard that provides unbelievable value for money, riding that is easy, lightweight design, and worth for your cash. Obviously, it definitely is a top pick.

2. Segway miniPRO – Self-Balancing Transporter with Mobile Application

Segway MiniPRO ReviewThe next up we’ve something superb superior for you, for people who prefer to go all out with their cash and get the finest of both worlds. Though, one look in the Segway miniPRO and you understand that you just need this creature of a hoverboard.

Much like Swagtron, Segway also occurs to be a top manufacturing company in the company of hoverboards.

It packs plenty of attributes that’ll suit the needs the power and advanced users. Along with the color, the hoverboard additionally has a handle, something lots of folks would enjoy.

As per the norm, let’s take a look at the advantages of the Segway miniPRO.

  • The Segway miniPRO can be connected to your phone using the Bluetooth and the free app that is available. You can then use the app for features such as; remote control operation, Anti-theft alarm, speed control, customizable lights, vehicle diagnostics, and firmware updates
  • Much like the Swagtron T1, the Segway miniPRO also offers UL2272; this means that your hoverboard is rated with the highest possible safety.
  • The hoverboard can handle a payload of up to 220 lbs, the overall exoskeleton is light-weight, and made out of durable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy. The hoverboard also offers 10.5-Inch pneumatic air-filled tires that are capable of delivering military grade shock absorption to the user.
  • The hoverboard is equipped with a dual motor engine that is capable of delivering 1600 watts of power all of this makes the hoverboard capable of reaching 10 MPH and distance of 14 miles when charged fully, though the numbers may vary on different terrains.
  • There is a padded knee bar to provide maximum comfort along with the ability to give precision steering for better control than hoverboards that are dependent on foot-pivot steering.
What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

There isn’t anything wrong with Segway miniPRO, to be quite honest, apart from the price tag.

Yes, it’s going to cost you a great deal of cash, but looking at the construction, along with the sheer quality of construction of the bad boy, you’re left wondering whether or not this is a transformer in hiding. Evidently, the Segway miniPRO is among the top self-balancing scooters you can buy.

3. PowerBoard Scooter – Most Affordable Hoverboard in this List

PowerBoard Hoverboard ReviewThe next up, we’re going to take a look at the PowerBoard Self-Balancing Scooter you may wonder there are not any extensive, elaborate version amounts so this would be an average scooter called for here, but don’t let the name mislead you.

PowerBoard is among the very well-known brands in regards to hoverboards, and this one distinct.

You should be aware of this is among the cheaper hoverboards out in the marketplace, before we begin getting into the details, but we’re happy that the budget price tag that is oriented didn’t certificate, or place it in any dangers with the specs. Seemingly, you won’t be getting the elaborate features which were accessible in the Segway miniPRO, but that’s fine because this one is half the cost.

Again, like we are doing with every other hoverboard in the list, we are going to the same thing with the PowerBoard and go over the pros of this budget friendly.

  • As per the requirement of the US government, and the safety standards, the hoverboard does, in fact, come with a UL2722 certification, this means that there is the complete guarantee that this hoverboard won’t overheat, will have the battery short circuit, or spontaneously catch fire.
  • Considering how the company is based in the USA, most orders are processed on the same day, and the shipment takes quickly. Something beneficial for people who are impatient with their shipments.
  • Despite the budget oriented factor, the hoverboard manages to offer one of the best speeds that can reach 10 km/h.
  • The entire riding experience of the hoverboard manage to remain smooth and straightforward; turning it around the corners even at max speeds was an easy job.
  • For those who want, the hoverboard ships with a generous warranty of 1 year, in addition to that, the company offers one of the best customer service support you can ask for. No complaints there.
What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

With so much to offer this kind of fabulous cost, one would wonder whether the cost is warranted, or the attributes are enough. If you are comparing them to other higher priced versions, sure, they might not be adequate, but in exactly the same price range, nothing can be better in relation to the excellent PowerBoard Self-Balancing Scooter. It’s something that certainly will offer you enough to have enjoyment with no problems and will not break your bank.

4. Street Saw – Fastest Hoverboard 2017 (Up to 11 mph)

Street Saw Hoverboard ReviewThe next up; we will look a hoverboard that’s called Street Saw, although this hoverboard has its name, for some strange reason. It’s broadly understood by the name of the organization.

However, for those people interested in realizing the real name/model of the hoverboard, you ought to know that it goes by the name DailySaw 6.5 Inch hoverboard. We think folks just lost interest in genus name scheming. Moving on from the name preparation, the hoverboard looks like your typical, normal hoverboard, although in the event that you would like, you can get it in the range of distinct colors beginning all the way from pure black, to weirdly named tickle me pink; you also need to be aware the hoverboard is brilliant and competent.

So, without wasting unique time, let’s get into the details and the pros.

  • The hoverboard comes with two front facing LED lights that are powerful enough to throw light at least 6.5 feet away from the hoverboard; this is exquisite for the user as it allows them to see the obstacles that lie ahead of them. This is useful for people who are coming towards you.
  • The hoverboard ships with either battery from either Samsung or LG. The cells are extremely efficient and can have the hoverboard last 5-6 hours without any issues. However, you should keep in mind that the actual battery endurance depends on the usage.
  • Much like almost every other hoverboard, this one also comes with the UL2722 certification meaning that the hoverboard is completely safe against all the damages and issues that were found in the early batches.
What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

Apart from a number of the really notable characteristics, the hoverboard additionally features 6.5-inch tires that are lightweight and makes for the perfect traveling tires, with that said; you should also understand that the total weight of the chassis is lightweight so that you won’t be confronting any problems.

5. SwagTron T3 – Expensive yet AWESOME

SwagTron T3 ReviewRecall the highly commended SwagTron T1 we reviewed before?

Yes, the SwagTron T3 is the updated version of the T1, and it. What’s changed? Well, in comparison with the T1, not much has changed in the design section, but you do get Bluetooth loudspeakers that can sync with your telephone attributes such as LED lights and some added attributes. It appears like there not one, although early rumors indicated that there are going to be a handle included as well.

So, is the SwagTron T3 a worthy upgrade over the T1? Well, let’s find out.

  • The hoverboard comes with the much needed UL 2272 certification that ensures that the hoverboard won’t spontaneously combust. The hoverboard itself has gone through the extensive safety tests that are deemed necessary by the government.
  • The hoverboard offers a maximum speed of 8+ mph and has a range of 7-12 miles, completely dependent on the users.
  • There are two 300-watt motors that are used in some of the high-ends electric scooters.
  • The lithium ion battery back that powers the hoverboard can be charged in 2 to 3-hour maximum and doesn’t heat up at all.
  • The hoverboard also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can seamlessly sync with your mobile phone, in addition to that, the hoverboard also comes with LED headlights, rubber bumpers, battery indicators, as well as an overall sturdy and light weight shell.
  • Much like the SwagTron T1, the T3 also come with the patented SentryShield technology as well intelligent battery management that ensures the hoverboard operates safely without any issues.
What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

The SwagTron T3 might not be the quickest, most sophisticated hoverboard in the marketplace while on paper, but it’s the cost along with the attributes such as the SentrySheid technology to functionality that makes this a worthy purchase. For those wondering if this is a lot better in relation to the T1, good, that’s merely subjective. Whether or not you’ll be wanting them is completely up to you personally, although it does have some characteristics which are seemingly missing from the T1.

6. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – The Smartest Hoverboard 2017

Razor Hovertrax ReviewThe next hoverboard on our list can be considered unique because the business itself asserts that this is the world’s brightest hoverboard in the marketplace, and while the claim does appear challenging enough, you’re left but wondering what exactly is there in the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 that makes it the most intelligent hoverboard to step into the marketplace.

Well, don’t stress, you’re not the sole person who’s looking to uncover the truth as we’re going take a suitable in depth look at exactly how great the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is.

Let’s get right into the review, and find out some of the good things, shall we?

  • Considering some of the early incidents surrounding the hoverboards, every hoverboard now requires a UL2272 certification. This certification means that the hoverboard is fitting on all the safety instructions that are given by the government and will not spontaneously catch fire or have its batteries short circuit.
  • The Razor Hovertrox 2.0 offers an impressive cruising speed of 8+ mph and comes with dual 350-watt motors that are both silent and efficient.
  • The Hovertrox 2.0 is capable of running up to 60 minutes on a full charge, and while the duration isn’t the best, it’s still commendable. However, you should keep in mind that the rider’s weight will also matter and will be put into consideration when measuring the total run time.
  • The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 comes with LG battery, the good thing about this hoverboard is that the batteries can be easily changed, so even if you run out of them while you are out and about, you can change them without any hassle and continue having a phone. For those who are willing to know some technical specifications, these batteries are 36V and are made by LG.
  • This is where the things get interesting; the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 comes with Razor’s EverBalance technology. Through this technology, the hoverboard can level itself, and while it may seem like a gimmick, it allows the user to easily stand on it, and ride it when ready.
  • Last but not the least, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 comes with features such as a blue LED light bar display, fender bumpers, LED battery power indicator, as well as two entirely different riding modes that are suitable for beginners as well as advanced users.
What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

While we won’t give the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 any groundbreaking awards, the fact that it’s one of the most feature packed and one of the greatest hoverboards in the marketplace can’t be traversed, it surely doesn’t come cheap, but it’s undoubtedly impressive, advertising neck to neck with lots of other hoverboards that are priced in the same class.

Can Razor Hovertrox 2.0 target them and still be a worthy purchase? Definitely.

7. EPIKGO SPORT Balance Board – Beginners Friendly HoverBoard

Epikgo Sport Board ReviewThe following hoverboard on our list is for those people who are interesting in purchasing this kind of model should be aware of that this special hoverboard is exclusive to Goal just, and a Epikgo Sport hoverboards. However, regardless of the exclusivity, it doesn’t mean the Epikgo Sport hoverboards isn’t a hoverboard that is worthy to purchase.

For starters, it features a number of the finest attributes and is among the greatest on the market. It’s also wise to understand the Epikgo Sport hoverboard has the whole framework made from steel and not aluminum that’s the common substance used in virtually every hoverboard these days you get to see. The Epikgo Sport hoverboards additionally provides plenty of alternatives too, that said.

Now let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the Epikgo Sport hoverboard made it into the list.

  • The Epikgo Sport hoverboard offers a top speed of 10 miles per hour and has an impressive range of 15 miles.
  • The hoverboard can easily ideal in about 2 hours.
  • Comes equipped with two 400w motors, and has two 8.5 inch wheels.
  • Comes with the UL2722 certification that ensures that the hoverboard is safe from all the flaming and smoking issues that were reported.
  • The hoverboard also has an app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android; the app lets you control several aspects of the hoverboard including the speed as well as the sensitivity.
  • Has additional features like Bluetooth 4.0 speakers as well as LED lights to add that extra bling and value.
What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

With all things considered, there’s no denying that the Jetson V8 is a capable hoverboard and a magnificent at that. However, we just have one small issue; the Target exclusivity is something that may put some people off, simply because they prefer some other retailers.

Overlook that, and you’ve got yourself one of the best hoverboards with amazing features as well as quality.

8. Hoverzon S – Self Balancing Scooter

Hoverzon S ReviewNow, we’re standing at a point where no amount of initiation in standard hoverboards could be done. It’s possible for you to add Bluetooth powered loudspeakers, or LED lights, and that would be it.

But in case you believe you need to go a little further, you always have the option to look at examples like the Segway miniPRO but do keep in mind the cost on such hoverboard is almost the double of the regular problem hoverboards. Now, we’re going to take a look at the Hoverzon S; on close inspection, it can certainly be said this special hoverboard is founded on the true and tried, no-nonsense layout and features only the correct quantity of material that will be it for the user purchasing a hoverboard.

When it comes to cost, it is priced as just about any other hoverboard on our list, which is definitely a great thing for the reason that it provides plenty of choices to the consumer without having the need to stretch their funds.

Roll out the advantages, shall we?

  • The Hoverzon S features an exclusive ‘aegis armor” that provides a multi-layer protection to the battery. Although it may sound gimmicky, it can protect the battery against certain bumps.
  • Like all the other hoverboards on our list, this one also comes with the much needed UL2272 certification, meaning that the hoverboard is completely safe against issues such as catching fire or getting short-circuited.
  • The hoverboard features a fireproof exterior casing as well as the sensor pedals.
  • The company claims that the Hoverzon S comes with a top tier motor, as well as a feature such as gear stabilization that is present in the hoverboard to provide a very stable, and responsive control.
  • The Hoverzon S also features a rather innovative battery management system that can smartly help improve the overall battery performance as well as a top of the line battery management.
  • Last but not the least, the Hoverzon S comes with two different speed modes that are suitable for either the beginners or the experts the switching between these modes can be done on the fly, and it is really convenient for the beginners.
What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

The Aegis armor together with the battery direction certainly makes it one of the better hoverboards win the marketplace while there aren’t any progress in this hoverboard when you compare it with the others. Along with that, the hoverboard can be found in a total of 6 colors, and the colors all are priced the same.

Obviously, you won’t need to pay a little more only to get another color.

9. Skque Electric Hoverboards – Affordable yet Custom Printed

Skque Electric Hoverboard ReviewFor starters, three typical versions that subsequently cross across different kinds that have distinct, swanky layouts are featured by the Skque Electric hoverboards.

The hoverboards are obtainable in sizes including 8 inches, 6 inches, and 10 inches. When it comes to specifications, you should be aware of that each of the hoverboards possesses the exact same specifications and come with remarkable double 500w motors to run and to maintain upward the hoverboard. Because of their layout, the hoverboards are somewhat higher priced in relation to the others on the list, considering how great they’re, it’s not a terrible thing. That said, below are our ideas on the 10-inch version known as The Freestyle.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look.

  • The hoverboard comes with a dual 500w motor to provide you with the speed and stability you require.
  • Almost all the models ship with a dedicated remote control that will let you control the hoverboard as well as turn it off or on.
  • You also get Bluetooth speakers that can easily pair with your phone along with LED lights that are helpful for users riding at night.
  • The hoverboard also ships in different wheel sizes starting from 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches.
  • Last but not the least, the hoverboard is available in a variety of stylish designs that will suit most people.
What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

Thus, there you’ve got it, while the Skque electrical hoverboards don’t give you a lot in the characteristic section that is unique, there’s no denying that their awesome layouts are something that’s loved and adored by cash.

Yes, the hoverboards do come with the certification that is UL2722 in case you are thinking about, and are totally safe in almost any environment.

10. Jetson Rover V8 – This Hoverboard is a Monster

Jetson Rover V8 ReviewFolks adore the Jetson V6, purchased, used, and has already seen, and we’re going to bring you the updated variant called Rover V8.

For people who don’t understand, this is the really upgraded version which was declared last month, and immediately, it’s amassed quite some followers.

Obviously, the Jetson V8 is a special development of the V6, but is it worth purchasing? We’re going to find just that in this review, but first, let’s speak a bit in regards to the hoverboard itself, Jetson enhanced this hoverboard over the initial V6 by adding some attributes such as marginally more powerful motors along with a few layout changes that seem a lot right. While these layout changes might not have the ability to do anything to the practicality as well as the use of hoverboard, they certainly help out the hoverboard stick.

Without wasting any more time, we are now going to take a look at all the things that make the Jetson Rover V8 the best self-balancing scooter in the given price tag.

  • The Jetson Rover V8 ships with two 8.5 inches, inflatable, all-terrain tires. Now, for those who don’t know, these tires are built to be used on nearly every single terrain there is, so it doesn’t matter whether you are traveling on gravel, smooth surfaces, or even grass, your hoverboard will be with you and will travel without having any issues.
  • Much like every other hoverboard on this list, the Jetson Rover V8 also comes with full UL2722 certification; this means that the hoverboard is fully certified and has cleared all the certifications that are put on by the government.
  • Another great feature about the Jetson Rover V8 is that it comes with the front as well as rear LEDs that are perfect for both the rider as well as the people who are coming from the front as it will give them a visual cue to let them know that there’s someone approaching. While this does sound gimmicky, it’s great for people who are out at night with their hoverboards.
  • The hoverboard also comes with three different modes; learning, standard, and pro mode. These methods configure the hoverboard according to your choice and will give a better suited, and more optimal experience.
  • The hoverboard comes with a dedicated app that you can use to control your hoverboard as you please, and while it may sound gimmicky, it still is a useful feature to have.
  • Jetson Rover V8 also comes with dual 400w motors that ensure the best possible speeds as well as riding without any issues.
  • The Jetson Rover V8 also comes with IP certification making it dust and water resistant.
What We Like (PROS)
What We Didn't (CONS)

The incredible thing about the Jetson Rover V8 is that instead of focusing on characteristics that don’t matter, it brings in a number of the finest, the folks’ practical characteristics which are adored by the folks. Obviously, Jetson Rover V8 has earned a sweet spot in this list only because it’s such an unbelievable hoverboard with a fantastic record of attributes which is adored power users in addition to by both standards.

Buyer’s Guide on Self-Balancing Scooter

For those who don’t know, a Self-Balancing Scooter or commonly known as a “Hoverboard” is perhaps one of the most popular technologies right now.

In case you people didn’t know, it’s not as old as some would remember.

What is the technology behind a Hoverboard – How Self-Balancing Scooter Works?

Before we go into the origins of this strange looking device that has taken the world by storm, let’s take a look into what it exactly is:

What is a smart self-balancing scooter?

This device is an electric self-balancing scooter called the somatosensory car. There are two types of unicycle and two-wheeled on the market. Its operating principle based on dynamic stabilization, by taking advantage of the body’s internal sophisticated solid-state gyroscope and acceleration sensor is to detect changes in posture of a scooter, and the servo control system precisely adjusts the drive motor accordingly via the appropriate instructions calculated by the sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor.

A hoverboard is a board with one wheel at each end, the panel in the middle itself serves as a platform for the person to stand on, and for those who don’t know, the space in the middle is split into two portions so the rider can easily hold on them.

Now yes, the hoverboard is powered by the rechargeable batteries that go inside it, but a lot of people wonder about the technology that moves them in whatever direction the rider wants them to move. Well, this is where the good stuff happens; both portions where a person is supposed to stand equipped with gyroscopic sensor pads, and if you don’t know what a gyroscopic sensor does, read the definition below:

By standard definition, a gyroscope is a spinning wheel or a disk, on this wheel, the axis of rotation can move in any direction or orientation it wants freely. While the movement is happening, the axis of rotation will remain unaffected even if the whole apparatus is moved or tilted.

The Origin of Self Balancing Scooter

The first sighting of hoverboards started in China in 2014, and soon after that, the device started getting increasingly popular in 2015.

The craze and the hype were so intense that celebrities of all sorts of type started endorsing these hoverboards, and they soon exploded into the mainstream all over the word.

However, the interesting bit is that there is no universally accepted name of these hoverboards, and most of the names you will see on this list based on some of the attributes that given to them by the companies that distribute them instead of manufacturing them.

How to drive self-balancing scooter

Similar to the human being’s balance system, when the center of gravity of ourselves forward, the electric self-balancing scooter has to move forward to ensure it’s balanced, the hoverboard move back when the center of gravity tilt. Meanwhile, some of the electric balancing scooter with grip is shifted by the telescoping pole, the swing of the joystick with extendable rod makes the vehicle speed difference between examples turning telescopic rod to the left, and the right wheel speed will be faster than the left wheel.

The energy source of the scooter resource from a lithium battery, a single charge can guarantee 20-70km Mileage and a top speed of 20km. When driving the electric balancing scooter with grip, pointing the direction lever forward direction needed, the balancing scooter will toward the direction pointed. When the direction lever is in the middle position of the vehicle, the system will travel toward the front. When the rotation of course lever, the system is controlled from both sides of the speed difference for steering accordingly, allowing the body to tilt follow where the joystick angle so that you will get the better experience.

The automatic balancing scooter with vertical steering breakthrough design subverts the traditional control mode, which is more in line with ergonomic operating habits.

The smart self-balancing scooter is switching tour daily life to safer and environmentally friendly, and it is certainly increasingly popular over the world particularly for those young engaged in outdoor sports and traveling, anymore, it is similar to an auto motor, and there are many precious to be paid attention to for newbie.
Before driving a smart self-balancing scooter, components of a smart self-balancing scooter are securely installed, without damage.

Please find open flat venues for driving practice, at least 4m by 4m area, indoor and outdoor.

Make a full understanding of surrounding for the driving environment; ensuring not be disturbed by cars, pedestrians, pets, bicycles and other obstacles.

Pair a skilled assistant next who can skillfully operate smart self-balancing scooter and familiar with all of the standard precautions and driving methods.

Do not test on a smooth, slippery field.
The newbie must wear safety helmets and protective gear in case of injury.
For those with the joystick, adjust the height adjustment knob on the joystick to what you think is the right height to ensure that you can comfortably hold the handle.

Go Eco-Friendly with Self Balancing Scooter

Most Gen X, wherein people do care about the atmosphere they live in; they do care about giving back the planet something, while they take some from it. An era when people are looking forward to being as eco-friendly as possible. We know, all about global warming, we are aware how the resources of our mother nature are depleting with each passing day. We also know that all this is due to our selfishness. When it comes to improving our lifestyle, we jump to a conclusion without thinking about the outcome. The transports we use is one of the various machinery that we have made for our convenience, the fuel use is depleting on the one hand and the other causing pollution to rise like never before.

If you are one among the Gen X who wants to save the planet, then why not join hands and use gadgets and transports that are Eco- Friendly. There are various types of eco-friendly bikes, cars, and scooters now available in the market, which looks stylish and is user-friendly as well. You can always opt for a no- polluting vehicle to commute to nearby places. Say, if you want to purchase some groceries then why take out your car or bike, when there are so many other environment-friendly options. Get yourself a self-balancing electric scooter; these are sleek, stylish and comfortable.

Some of the major advantages of owning one of these are anybody can use it, it is easy to operate, easy to learn and easy to balance. These look chic and help you contribute some effort for the cause of saving the earth. You can easily swap your bicycle or two wheelers with one of these self-balancing electric scooters.
These already sold like hotcakes all around, If you want to flaunt your new self-balancing electric scooter, then get one from the famous online store. There are companies based in China that offer a vast range of models when it comes to Self-balancing scooters. The scooters available at Free Feet Technology are manufactured in the Factory using the best grade raw materials.

The professionals working in the company are highly skilled and experienced, and they use the raw materials procured from reliable vendors of the industry. The company takes the huge amount of to make sure that products is superior in quality and are not compromised, making sure that the design and looks of their products are enchanting; and they ensure that you ride in style whenever you take out your new Self-balancing Scooter.

These hoverboards work well because these save space and help you save a lot on your money so that you can enjoy a joyful ride. These eco-friendly scooters are one of the best vehicles made by the man helping the earth to survive and saving it from pollution and environmental hazards.

Any person who gets easily tired after walking even a short distance or struggles to walk can mostly benefit from using a self-balancing scooter. These electric two-wheeled hoverboards will work wonders in making a real difference in their quality of life as well as the offer not only newfound independence but also a new lease of life. Via getting this kind of a scooter, they can open several doors which previously closed due to an illness or disability like going shopping or for a walk.

With these hoverboards, people can quickly go up as well as down the hill in comfort devoid of the fear to roll down the hill. They can pay a visit to relatives and friends at their convenience and without having to depend on the public transport. There are some models which come with a key for starting it, hence in this case, if a person removes the key, it cannot be driven. It indicates that such scooters can be kept outside a shop and locked as a car.

What are the benefits of riding an Electric scooter?

With some nation being one of the most developed countries, the demand for an electric hoverboard is on the rise. Below are a bunch of benefits of riding these self-balancing scooters,

Lightweight/compact size – the size to weight ratio of these scooters is a significant advantage for any rider. These are easy to master paving the way for a relaxed and comfortable ride. By riding these motorcycles, people can slip through the traffic quickly, thanks to its narrow size. It’s lightweight will offer a secure parking. In fact, the low-speed maneuvers too are simple to control

Removable battery – these scooters comes with a removable battery that can recharge wherever the rider wishes. All they need is a usual electric socket be it in their workplace or home and get the battery charged when needed. Its lithium battery technology guarantees excellent performance stability

Safety – these scooters comes with a chassis which ensures outstanding road-holding, merging stability and maneuverability. Suspension and brakes match different usage patterns both for safety and comfort.

Other amazing features

  • Design wise these scooters are simple with minimal parts
  • More handy and transportable. The rider can easily throw it in their trunk or back of the airplane
  • Highly affordable than some electric bikes as these are both cheaper to build as well as ship
  • Extremely low towards the ground thereby enabling the rider to jump quickly during an emergency
  • Hassle-free to mount as well as dismount
  • It is feasible for the rider to ride electric scooters even in a grocery shop without getting in trouble

The mobility market today is teething with possibilities. Instead of consigning one to the sofa or bed when their joints play up, it is wise to invest in electric self-balancing scooters. These can be highly liberating, thus are enjoying a kind of a renaissance.
If you just look at it, it seems a high-tech scooter, but people who have experienced the ride claimed an entirely different experience.
Self-balancing scooters are primarily available in two types – one wheel and two wheels., which looks like the conventional hand truck but can keep itself stay upright by itself.

Basic principles of self-balancing scooters

A fascinating part is the balancing act. The important operation of this device is to understand the human body and how it comes with the system. If the rider stands up and leans forward, it will be out of balance, but it is unlikely to fall on the face. The brain transmits the signal and fluid of your inner ear shifts, and it gives a message to the leg to put the feet and stop the fall. Of course, the scooters not meant for heavy traffic area where reflex actions play a critical part.

The scooters are also made in the same principle when the microprocessors instead of the brain send the signal to the motor. The tilt sensors installed in the scooters work as an inner-ear balancing system. It only means the scooter knows when you are going to change direction. To maintain the balance, you just need to drive at the right speed.

The central part of the scooter is sensor system, which is an assembled gyroscope. If a rider pushes on a point at the top of a spinning wheel, the system pushes a force on opposite ends of the wheel and this way it will balance itself out.

Another critical thing is to electronic controller circuit boards made up of microprocessors. It depends on the scooter to a scooter, for example, Segway scooter has a total of 10 onboard microprocessors. So, if one board stops functioning, another board starts working, and the rider will notify the system of a failure, and eventually, it will shut down gracefully.


Travelling can be kind of interesting and exciting with unique traveling solutions. These traveling products are innovative by nature and based on modern conceptions and technologies. The traveling products have excellent qualities and features that make them successful traveling companions. These are suitable for a daily journey and saves time and money.

One can enjoy the entire trip, no matter the distance and take full advantage of wide range of traveling equipment and products. Indeed, these products have raised the standards of traveling and passengers are looking forward to embracing such innovative solutions for a comfortable life.

The Two-Wheeled Self Balancing Board offers a different kind of traveling experience altogether. The product allows passengers balance themselves and adjusts according to their best level of comfort. Having stepped on the self-balancing board, they can move along roads and have the safe journey. Travelers need not rely on public or private transport and can reach destinations at a faster speed. This product comes in various colors and offers the reasonable price. It is a worthwhile purchase for fast, safe and reliable means of transport.
The balancing electric scooter is another invention that is keen on providing comfortable journey to daily travelers.

It primarily consists of carbon fiber and a scooter pad that provides support to the passengers. The scooter can be charged for two hours to get 10 Mph speed. This scooter can be self-balanced for better convenience and suitability. It weighs about 12.5 kg and can travel for 10 to 12 miles. It consumes 170w battery and consists of various models. The price is within affordable means.

With the presence of the outdoor self-electric scooter, traveling can get fun and exciting. It is an outdoor product that is ideal for community journey on a daily basis. It is a 10 inches scooter pad with wheels attached on its sides. The scooter has a pad where passengers can self-balance for better support and comfort. They need to charge the scooters for two hours and travel up to 12 miles. Made of the carbon filter, this is indeed unique means of transport.

To sum up, these products are kind of interesting, unique and most technological. They can easily avail of means. The kind of comfort delivered by the products is amazing. Moreover, it has additional benefits and attributes that allow people to adopt such modes of transport into their daily lifestyle.

Are you in search of an excellent alternative to a motorbike or bicycle? Then self-balancing electric scooter is what you should try your hands at. The specialty of these scooters is their attractive shapes and high function. These creative and cutting edge scooters are fun to ride and are also a compact and convenient means of transport. Now riding in and around the city will be super fun.

Be familiar with the advantages of owning an electric scooter

Diesel, gas and petrol are the chief contributors to environmental pollution. So to keep away from unwanted contamination, more and more people are investing in an electric scooter in China for their day to day transportation. Its other advantages include,

  • Extremely affordable – electric scooters are highly affordable to operate. In fact, it costs much lesser than petrol or gas powered vehicle. And add to it the maintenance cost, registration, insurance, license costs and others, the cost will naturally go up
  • Best to understand safe – an electric scooter is convenient also safe. Most models come with intelligent safety features like the automatic option for power cut-off. These also include electrical safety components like fuses and circuit breakers to protect the rider. The best part is contrary to gasoline, in electric scooters, there is no danger of explosion with batteries. To top it all, the owner will not have to take any tension regarding an insurance or special license as in most states these are regarded as bicycles
  • Reduced stress/extended range – with the comfort of power assistance, the rider can pedal further as well as faster compared to a regular bike. It is for this reason that an electric scooter is ideal for commuting is it for casual strolls in the neighborhood, going to the market or going to work. This way the rider can reduce mental and physical stress via avoiding traffic as well as other problems associated with vehicles that run on diesel or petrol. And nothing can beat the sunshine, fresh air and cool breeze on the rider’s face
  • No injurious carbon emissions – an electric-power scooter will be the right pick for people who are environmentally conscious. Unlike vehicles that operate on petrol or diesel, these scooters will not burn fossil fuels or release carbon emissions that are injurious. Though indirectly power plants generate carbon dioxide for charging the battery, its impact is subtle in comparison to automobiles. Along with reducing pollution, lowering CO2 emissions will also improve air quality thereby limiting the chances of global warming.

Along with being affordable, cleaner and safer to operate than vehicles that are gas-powered, an electric scooter is fun for every age group. These are also a perfect companion for children and act as a good backup ride either to school or college. Retirees too will enjoy a ride on these environmental friendly scooters. They will find it useful while performing their day to day commutes to a corner store or the park.

Motor-driven scooters, like Go-Peds and Razor scooters, have turned out to be very renowned in late years and are an excellent means to close the gap between kick scooters & full-sized mopeds. Kick scooters are for smaller kids but when they wish to move on to something quicker a gas or electric scooter would be a better choice.

Motor-driven scooters can be electric powered or gas driven, and each has their pros and cons. In this post, we will have a close look at these sorts of scooters to aid you to pick the best one for your kid.

The 1st thing to understand regarding motorized scooters is the speed. Gas scooters are always quicker than electric scooters with the greatest speed about 30 mph while electric scooter reaches up to around 20 mph. Considering safety is utmost important here. A slower electric driven scooter may be a better choice for your kid until he has educated how to manage one skillfully substituting sporadically. However, an electric scooter is practically maintenance-free so is effortless for a child to take care of.

You’ll also require taking a gas-driven scooter to the gas station for gas filling. But it has an advantage over an electric scooter in how long it can run for. Most scooters with electric motors vary in their maximum running time on one recharge, from forty minutes for a smaller engine to four hours for a larger more expensive one. This is continuous use and four hours is plenty for your child to run around the neighborhood. They can quickly charge by plugging into a power socket overnight to be ready for the next day play.

What regarding the price of electric and gas scooters? Gas scooters are more costly in comparison to electric motors. A lower priced electric scooter with a 40-minute maximum running time can be avail for as low as one hundred dollars though you will require disbursing extra if you wish one that can function regularly for the longer period than this. Furthermore, an electric scooter is far affordable to operate than a gas driven one.

So, in conclusion, you can say that for younger kids self-balancing electric scooters are superior as they’re safer & simpler to us. There are so many China manufacturers these days offering economical electric scooters that made of high-quality materials. So, contact them for a better deal or buy from the list above.


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